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Looking for cute tattoo designs and unique tattoo designs for girls?   You have come to the right place.

Cute tattoo designs can be hard to find.  That's where we can be of help.

You will find here cute tattoo designs that are new, original, attractive, and very personal .

These are tattoos that  have been designed specifically as tattoo art for girls and women.

You will find many ideas here  for you to consider if you are seeking unique and cute tattoos for girls.   You will learn what are the latest design ideas and placement for girl tattoos as well.  These are considered to be the most popular tattoo designs for girl tattoos today.



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Top Cute Tattoo Designs for Girls

   Sexy Tattoo Designs1. Flower tattoos
   2. Star tattoos
   3. Tribal tattoos
   4. Fairy tattoos
   5. Dolphin tattoos
   6. Dragonfly
   7. Symbols from other languages
   8. Heart
   9. Zodiac signs


Here are some of the more popular areas for girls to have cute tattoo designs done on their body:

   1. The lower back
   2. The feet
   3. Toes
   4. Inside of the wrist
   5. Back of the neck-just below the hairline
   6. Ankles
   7. Back of the shoulder
   8. Just below the waste line
   9. Hips



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Helpful Tips for Selecting a Cute Tattoo Design

If this is your first tattoo, be sure to consider that any visible tattoos could make it difficult for you in the job market.  For that reason you may want to consider avoiding having tattoos placed in areas where they are visible when you are wearing working clothes. 

tattoos for women Having a tattoo done can be exciting but it is also permanent-so you want to think about many things before you have the art work done on your body.

 You must decide on the color, meaning, style and placement of the design.

Because a tattoo is forever, many people will have a temporary tattoo, called Henna, applied to the area on their body they are considering first. Henna tattoos come off easily after a few days or week or two at the most.

This gives you the opportunity to live with the tattoo and make sure if you really want that design and in that area on your body. The colors won’t be quite the same or as vibrant, but it will come close.

lower back tattoo designsIf you think there might be the possibility that later in life you would want the tattoo removed, there is even a permanent ink that can be easily removed with lasers today. It is made by a company called Infinitink.

Tattoos from this ink will last forever as a if you want. But this ink is specially formulated to break apart easily with lasers for removal if you want to get rid of the tattoo later in life.

Finally, and this is very important, make sure you go to a tattoo professional that you can trust and feel safe with and operates in an environment that is very sanitary.

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Cute Tattoo Quotes 

tattoo quotes


Tattoo Quotes make very cute tattoo designs as well.

Tattos made of words are extremely popular.

If you are interested in tattoos that are very personal, consider a word tattoo.

Take a look her for many tattoo quote ideas.