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Angel Tattoo Designs

If you are looking for angel tattoos designs, you’ve come to the right place.

Angel tatoos are very poplular today.

We are going to point you in the direction where you can find a huge selection of angel tattoo artwork.

These angel tattoos that can be easily copied and taken to your favorite tattoo artist. 

We will also help you with the many different meanings of angel tattoo designs and the different categories of angels that will help you in your selection. 

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cute angel tattoo designThroughout history angels have been considered to be spirits of highly evolved humans.  Their use in tattoo designs most always has a very divine, religious or spiritual nature.  They can be symbols for protection or as a remembrance of a deceased friend or family member.

The word angel is derived from the Greek word 'angeloi' or 'messenger'. Even as far back as biblical times, it has been believed that the will of God or 'God's Work' was carried out by angels.

The image of the angel, just as the image of the angel tattoo can be greatly varied. Sometimes angels are depicted as winged creatures, wearing white robes, with a harps or trumpets, floating on a cloud.  Sometimes they appear hovering over someone, representing their protective nature.  Other times the angel can take on a purely human form.

Another variation for an angel tattoo design is simply the use of angel wings.

angel wings tattooAngel tattoo designs can also symbolize the love and special connection one has with another person.   A popular angel tattoo design is that of an angel in the image of cupid.

Some people will get an angel tattoo believing the angel to be a symbol of a positive life force or helping the person reach a higher level of their personal being.

Yet another idea behind the angel tattoo is representative of the fallen angel, perhaps signifying the possibility of sin in a sexy sort of way.

Today it seems the more common places to get angel tattoos is on the upper arm or chest for guys and on the shoulder or abdomen for females. Although it is not uncommon to see angel tattoos on the inner wrist or even on the foot!  Angel tattoo wings can be tattooed on the back and can look very impressive.


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Here are a few different types of angels:

angel tattoo designsArch Angels- These are considered to be the royalty of all angels. For this reason they are thought to be closest to God.  The most famous of all the arch angels is Michael. As the story goes, the arch angel Michael led an army of angels that defeated and cast Lucifer out of heaven. Michael is quite often depicted with his sword raised up in the air ready to fight.

Guardian Angels - Guardian angels are considered the protectors.  They are often depicted hovering over someone.

Cherubs - Cherubs are the small, childlike angels.  They are peaceful, happy with small wings and often rotund in shape.  They are thought to bring love to people.  Cupid is a cherub angel.

Fallen Angels – Banished from Heaven when Lucifer was cast out, these are the dark angels often depicted bruised and battered with broken wings.

There are so many different meanings behind the angel tattoo just as there are many different design ideas.  Because of this, it is best to look over many designs to make sure you are getting what you can live with the rest of your life. 

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