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Best Friend Tattoos

Getting best friend tattoos is a way to celebrate a special friendship that you want to remember your whole life.

There are many unique ideas for best friend tattoos. Here you will find ideas for some of the most popular tattoo ideas for best friends. 

Before you go too far into the best friend tattoo idea, it is important to consider something very important.

You should think about the future. If the friendship ends down the road, you do not want to be left with body art that reminds you of a relationship you want to forget.

Right now everything may seem fine, but if you and your best friend ever part ways, think about the tattoo that will be left.

For that reason a tattoo of the friend’s name, birthday or even face may not be the best idea.

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What to Consider for Best Friend Tattoos

Here are some things you and your friend should decide together:

  • Do you want the tattoo to be matching or identical?
  • Would you prefer a symbol or design that represents something symbolic with your friendship?
  • How about a tattoo that is split in half and each friend wears the other matching half—representing a whole when you are together?
  • How about placement of the tattoo? Do you want them in the same place or on opposing parts of each friend’s body?

Where to Get Good Ideas for  Best Friend Tattoos

Often the best place to get good best friend tattoo ideas is to visit your local tattoo shops and speak with the artists there.

They can be a great resource and you can get a chance to see their facility and find a place you feel is safe and sanitary.

On the Internet there are many resources.

The best are forums where you can talk to and interact with other tattoo enthusiasts and share ideas.


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Popular best Friend Tattoo Design Ideas

Roses have different meanings depending on their colors. The yellow rose is meant as a symbol for friendship. A yellow rose tattoo can be a good idea for best friends.

With its origination in Chinese culture, the yin and yang symbol is popular with best friends. This symbol represents complimentary opposites.

One friend can have a tattoo of a devil and the other that of an angel—representing the two different personalities of each person.

The representation of two souls is symbolized with the Celtic knot tattoo. This tattoo has interweaving lines that represent the bond in an intricate endless loop, that two friends share.

Another very popular idea today for friends are star tattoos. You can do a lot with star tattoos, different types of stars, varying colors and shapes. They can trail or be a shooting star.

The Irish symbol for love and friendship is represented with the Claddagh tattoo. In this tattoo two hands hold a heart with a crown. It is said to mean: with my two hands I give you my heart and crown it with my love.

Characters in foreign languages like Chinese or Japanese are ideas to consider. Just make sure you are certain the symbol you want has the same meaning you think it does.

Some best friends share a common bond with prose or song lyrics. They will have the same words inscribed as a tattoo. Some best friends wear one half of the saying or song lyric.

Something that last forever is represented by the infinity symbol. That can make a very meaningful tattoo for friendship.

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