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Flower Tattoo Designs

 flower tattoo designsFlower tattoo designs are quickly rising in popularity especialy with girls and women.

Because there are so many varieties and shapes and colors there is a lot to chose from.

Flower tattoos are beautiful and represent the beauty that is found in nature.

They also represent the process of life and we can easily connect with this. They make us think about the beauty in life and that nothing lasts forever.

We can relate to flowers in the sense that we both grow, bloom and flourish and then later dry up and wilt away.

The flower tattoo reminds us to enjoy each moment we have in life.

Each flower as a tattoo has a different meaning and depending on what you are trying to say and the statement you are trying to make, knowing those meanings will be a big help.


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Here are the Meanings Behind the Most Popular Flower Tattoos

Red Rose Tattoos--The most popular of all floral tattoos, red rose tattoos symbolize romance and love

Yellow Rose Tattoos--Symbolize friendship

White Roscherry blossom tattooe Tattoos--Stand for purity

The Pink Rose Tattoo--Means grace or admiration for others
Daisy Tattoo--Represents innocence and joy
White Lilies--Pure of heart
Lotus-Represents going through a struggle and emerging from that struggle and becoming a symbol of strength.
Buttercup--A symbol for riches
Tulip--Means enchantment and passionate love. Often the bearer of a tulip tattoo is saying to the world that they are a great lover.
Violet--Says that you are shy, timid and and enjoy taking things slow
Iris--Stands for wisdom and virtue
Magnolia--Symbolizes ones love for nature

Cherry Blossom--Symbolizes women’s beauty and sexuality. It is meangt to be a constant reminder of the fast-running life; it conveys the appeal to live every day as if it the last one.

Because flower tattoos are generally small in size, they can be placed almost anywhere on the body. Among the favorite placements are the arm, neck, leg, stomach, lower back, feet and chest. Some women may opt for placement in areas that are more risque,where only a bathing suit will provide cover, like just belove the bikini line.

There are many cute tattoo designs to consider if you are considering flowers. Take your time and select carefully, because what you choose will be with you the rest of your life. 

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