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Lower Back Tattoo Designs

lower back tattoo designsYou can't go anywhere today in public without seeing girls and women with lower back tattoos.

What's with the popularity and craze over tattoos on the lower back? 

Tattoos on the lower back have become the rage these days.

Why so popular?

Probably because they are sexy, fun and accentuate the beauty and graceful curves of the female body.

The natural symmetry and hour glass shape of a woman's body and where all the curves come together at the lower back make a perfect spot for a lower back tattoo.

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There are a number of reasons lower back tattoos have become so popular. The area of the lower back where these tattoos are placed has an abundance of space for a wide variety of small, large, vertical and horizontal designs. It is also an area that is not as likely over time to stretch and distort due to weight fluctuations.

As well, it can be easily concealed under business attire for formal settings and shown off in a fashionable way with more casual, less concealing clothing.

lower back tatooPopular designs for the lower back tattoo include butterflies, vines, flowers and stars. Because of the winged natures of the butterfly, that works especially well covering both halves of the back equally. Other designs that work well are birds, dragonflies, fairies and angels.

Even though placing a tattoo in this area of the body isn’t something you will have to look at very often, remember it will be with you forever—so you want to select your design carefully.

This location for a tattoo does not come without controversy. Also, referred to as a tramp stamp, some people consider this to be a symbol of a loose woman whose morals may be questionable. But that seems to be changing today as more and more women are being tattooed in this area with cute and creative designs.

lower back tattoo above jeansIn the medical world, a tattoo in this area has also been heavily scrutinized. Some suggest that the ink in the tattoo may alter the effectiveness of some medical procedures. One example given is that of the epidural shot that may be needed during the birthing process.

The belief is that as the needle passes through the tattoo, the ink could be transferred to the spinal column which could result in health issues. To our knowledge that has never been proven—but best, as always, to consult a medical profession for the most accurate advice.

The lower back tattoo has typically represented strong feminine energy and sensuality. This is an area of the body where it has long been though to contain hidden stored energy. Accentuating this area with attractive body art is believed to add to this power and make a personal statement.


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