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Rose Tattoos

rose tattoo lower backA very popular and traditional tattoo design are rose tattoos.

The rose tattoo is most often associated with beauty, love and passion.

Rose tattoos are considered the most universal of all tattoo designs.

Because there are so many colors and styles of roses, this is a big reason for the popularity.

Rose colors have different meanings and you will learn these below. 

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There are a number of different meanings associated with rose tattoos. Many believe the tattoo of a rose without thorns to be a symbol of being in love.

The picture of a rose with thorns is a reminder that love should be entered into with caution because there is always the possibility that you could get hurt and that to achieve true love it does not come without sacrifices, risk and the possibility of some pain along the way.

rose tattoo designsA rose tattoo that is in full bloom represents being faithful, a new beginning and/or a celebration of a happy occasion. A rose that is withered is a symbol of separation from a loved one.

Even dating back to ancient times, the rose has had its importance. In Greek mythology, Aphrodite, Goddess of Love, is said to have created the rose which arose from her tears and the blood of her lover Adonis.

The Romans, turning Aphrodite into their goddess Venus, also adopted the rose and it became the symbol of love and beauty. Cupid offered a rose to the God of Silence as a bribe, when trying to keep Venus’s passionate escapades quiet, thus making the flower into a symbol for secrecy.

Another very unique aspect of the rose tattoo is that each color rose has a different meaning. It would be important for you to be aware of these meanings before you select a rose tattoo.

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The Meanings of Rose Colors

Red Rose Tattoos--A red rose tattoo is meant universally to say “I love you.” Red is the symbol for romance, beauty and perfection.

White Rose Tattoos--White rose tattoos symbolize innocence and purity.

Yellow Rose TattooPink Rose Tattoos--Pink rose tattoos can have slightly different meanings depending on the shade. If it is a dark or deep pink that usually means gratitude and appreciation. If the shade of pink is light or pale is means admiration or sympathy. Pink rose tattoos, of any shade, can also mean gracefulness, joyfulness or sophistication.

Yellow Rose Tattoos--Yellow Rose tattoos usually represent friendship. This color rose can also mean joy and gladness.

Purple Rose Tattoos--Purple rose tattoos are often used to express love at first site or enchantment.

Orange Rose Tattoos--Orange colored rose tattoos are a symbol of enthusiasm, passion, desire, or fascination.

Choral Rose Tattoos--A choral colored rose tattoo is a representation of desire.

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