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Tattoo ModelsThere is no shortage of tattoo models here.

Take a look here to get great ideas for unique tattoos as these women display their amazing bodies and tattoos.

Women today are adorning their body’s will all sorts of art work in the form of tattoos.

In the past, tattoos on women were looked down upon.

That has all changed today, as you will see with these tattoo models.

It seems everywhere you look young women are finding beautiful and creative tattoos to display on various parts of their anatonomy.

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It is understandable, because the generation of young women growing up today feels that having a beautiful tattoo on their body is way to express their uniqueness and individuality.

If done correctly a beautiful tattoo can actually accentuate the natural curves of a women’s physique.

Some tattoos are done with words taken from sayings, quotes or even songs. Women seem to favor word tattoos more than men.

The most popular cute tattoos designs for women seem to be of flowers, butterflies and stars. There are of course many, many more design variations as well.

A tattoo on a woman can even take on different meanings based on where it is placed on the body.  For instance, sexy suggestive tattoos have their placements in more provocative, hard to spot locations.

sexy tattoosOne of the sexiest locations for a woman to have a tattoo is on the lower portion of her back.

This is where all the natural curves of her body come together. Another sexy location is just above the bikini line. 

Sometimes a tattoo like this will actually trail from above the bikini line to just below.

The best way to get ideas for the most current tattoo designs is to visit an online gallery. 

That is possible by clicking on the link just below. 


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 sexy model with tattoo

The other way to get ideas is to view the following pictures of these tattoo models.

If you find something you like print up the page and take it to your local tattoo artist.

Or better yet, bookmark this page and show your favorite tattoo artist this actual website page.



colorful tattoo model


girl tattoos


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hot tattoo model


models tattoos


modeling hot tattoos


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sexy tattoos


tattoo model sexy


Girl Modeling Hot Tattoos


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